Friday, January 1, 2010

Shutter: Escape the dark room

1. Turn left and turn on the light.
2. Take a part of camera from the trashcan.
3. Zoom the picture behind the lamp and take a battery from top edge.
4. Take a jar from the bottom drawer.
5. Look for a battery under the middle black tray.
6. Use arrow down and click twice the bottom corner of the wooden planks. Get a second part of camera.
7. Take a book from the second bottom shelf.
8. Take the last part from the box on the table.
9. There is a film on left hand side of the wooden planks.
10. Put the parts of camera together.
11. Use the batteries and a film on it.
12. Look under the film and go to the site. Get 5 digit number (
13. Take three pictures.
14. Find a safe in the middle of the mirror.
15. Use the code from the poster and get a key.
16. Unlock the door.
17. You are free.

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