Saturday, January 2, 2010

Haunted:Trapped Soul

Getting stuck on this game?

Don't worry now there is it!

I think there's no need to pick some diary pages


Enter inside the house,  pick the CABLE (downward),  use the one plug to install to electrical plug.

* Go outside move to the LEFT, click to the GENERATOR.

* Plug the other cable to the generator, the buttons up there is gray, red, gray, gray, red, gray

* Go back to the house and turn on the lights

* Turn left, you see bookshelves and table, below on the bookshelves you will see a CROWBAR pick it, 

* Drag the chair to the right, after, drag the chair upward, at the top of the bookshelves there is a pointing arrow, in it, there is a plate, pick it

* Click on the table, pick the HANDKERCHIEF

* Move back and there you see a boxes, near on the boxes there is a pointing arrow, click it

* Use the handkerchief to remove the dust

* After it, to back use the CROWBAR to the table to remove (HINT:you can drag the crowbar to the table's leg) then, click on the save-deposit

* To  open the safe-deposit box: 2, 4, and 5  the box will open and pick the KEY

* Turn 2 times, you can find the FLASHLIGHT behind the broom, use the KEY to open the door

* The cabinet on the wall can be open, pick up the BATTERY

* Turn left, you will see a wardrobe, click it and below there is a padlock, click it

* And there is an arrangement of numbers and letters. To open, you click the letters that it base to this    "padlock"

  here is it:



(Z is not there)

red one- the one you will form the word "padlock"

* After it, pick up the other PLATE, turn right and left, there are two doors, click on the right door and to the sink (near in the mirror) there's a BATTERY and OIL, pick it

* Click on the toilet, up there is a pointing arrow, click it, and remove the cover, in it there's a KEY, pick it 

* In the toilets trashcan? open the cover and pick the zodiac paper, and exit the bathroom

* Turn left and click on the piano,  open the cover on the top left enter the two BATTERIES, and red light is on, click the red button to use it, you must count  11, 5, 27, 14, 1, 16, and 10. 

 (ex. #.11, count up to 11 (black keys are counted to) next is 5, count to the start up to 5 and so on until you complete the numbers)


* And the cover on the battery will be open and there is a KEY again. Behind the bed, under the window, there is a TAPE RECORDER, pick it

* Go back, click the clock, use the OIL so that you can rotate it

* The longest needle is belong to 1, the shortest needle belong to 7 and the thin needle is belong to 2.

* Then a KEY will appear. Take the key, and an instructions will appear for the plate.

* Click combine, below on the menu, combine the first plate and the second plate, once combined, you have now a combined plate.

* Enter again the room, put the combined plate to the chair, click it and move the plate according to the zodiac sign,

  ** first, move the plate to zodiac 'Virgo' then, zodiac 'Capricorn' and the last, 'Pisces' **

* And the plate will lighting, go back to the screen with two doors, in the center off the lights

* Turn right, to the wardrobe. Click on the plate over the chair, and Sol arise plate with FLASHLIGHT

* Then the map will appear. you can see a room was hidden behind a wardrobe.

* Turn on the lights and use the CROWBAR to move the wardrobe (HINT: you can drag it in the wardrobe's leg)

* Whatever, go inside as what you see there's a corpse, click his head and the head will fall, plug the TAPE RECORDER behind the head

* Use the three KEYS to unlock the three doors


* On the bones rib, pick up the RIB

* Click on the TAPE RECORDER to zoom it and click the black button to play the cassette

* Once play, GO ENTER THE DOOR, at the bottom left corner of the room, you will find the CHOPPER and on the shoe, you will find a SHOE LACE.

* Once, the RIB, CHOPPER, LACE are complete combine them (HURRIEDLY) and you have now a HATCHET 

* And use the HATCHET to hit the stupid boy (Hit him at his hips)

* And see the result


**For your questions and qualifications, comment now**

Friday, January 1, 2010

Shutter: Escape the dark room

1. Turn left and turn on the light.
2. Take a part of camera from the trashcan.
3. Zoom the picture behind the lamp and take a battery from top edge.
4. Take a jar from the bottom drawer.
5. Look for a battery under the middle black tray.
6. Use arrow down and click twice the bottom corner of the wooden planks. Get a second part of camera.
7. Take a book from the second bottom shelf.
8. Take the last part from the box on the table.
9. There is a film on left hand side of the wooden planks.
10. Put the parts of camera together.
11. Use the batteries and a film on it.
12. Look under the film and go to the site. Get 5 digit number (
13. Take three pictures.
14. Find a safe in the middle of the mirror.
15. Use the code from the poster and get a key.
16. Unlock the door.
17. You are free.